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About Thailand Hotels & Accommodations Co

Started by a traveller (not a travel agent) for fellow travellers!

The Thailand Hotels & Accommodations Co is a legal trading style of Worldwide Internet Hotel Reservations, Ltd (registered in England). It was started by one Mark Austin, who decided he did not like what the Internet reservation sites were doing / offering (such as requiring you to pay them in advance and his hoping they would pay the hotel). He is now a director of this direct reservations company and runs the Thailand Travel Forum.

Mark loved travel and went around Thailand, staying at various hotels and then contacting them afterwards if he enjoyed his stay to see if they wanted to join this reservations site. Many of the pictures on this web site are still those he took during his travels around Thailand. He and his Balinese wife lived in Thailand for three years before moving to Europe.

After the duties of married / family life (he and his wife had a baby boy in 2002), problems with the Balinese police he contends are the sole work of a competitor of his / this sites (see his report: Bali Discovery Tours Sanur - it really makes shocking reading), plus his other business commitments all took a toll on his ability to travel (walkabout) as he used to. He realized he was unable to keep the hotel / villa information here as fresh as it used to be.

So, in 2005, we decided to launch our new web site. Where you, the guests, keep the hotel and villa information up to date by ranking / rating them after you have stayed there! As long as you made an enquiry / contact with the hotels / villas via our site (even if you booked elsewhere) using the forms provided, our system will send you an email shortly after you specified you would be checking out, asking if you stayed and would like to rank / rate the hotel (out of 10) and even leave a report (optional). This data is then averaged with other guest feedback to show how highly ranked / rated the hotels / villas are with you, the guests.

Mark Austin and his wife / family now live in a fortified "quinta" overlooking one of the main rivers in Portugal.

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