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Thai Hotel / Villa Rate Guarantee

But everyone has hotel rate "guarantees" right?

Yes, it sure looks like every Thai hotel / villa reservation sites does. And it will come as no surprise to many that most guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on (which is less than nothing, as there is no paper involved with web pages). Guarantees without penalties. Guarantees with fine print. Guarantees that require 100% the same as they offer (and as they offer a free practically worthless tour, no-one does offer exactly the same).

OK, our guarantee is different. We require the Thai hotels & villas on our site to guarantee that we are given the lowest Internet rates to advertise. So, if they do allow lower Internet rates elsewhere, you can demand a downward revision from them if you have already booked via our reservations site. Or you can let us know, so we can tell them to change the rates on our sites.

So, if the hotels have to guarantee us the lowest rates. Why do we sometimes have links to wholesaler reservations sites and say that they may have lower room rates? That is because, wait for this, they are not offering Internet rates, but tour company rates on the Internet! Yes, we know, it irks us no end too. Surely, if a wholesale rate is shown on the Internet, it then becomes an Internet rate. Yes, we would agree and legally, under English law (we are a registered English company and require hotels / villas to agree to English law jurisdiction to join our site), that would be right. But try telling that to some Asian hoteliers and their marketing departments - it would drive you crazy!

Of course, we and you (if you booked and then found a lower wholesale rate on the Internet) could sue the hotel in England if they refused to honour that rate for a direct reservation made via this site. But we think it is easier to simply offer links to the wholesalers (as they do pay us a commission) for those Thai hotels that play this game (mostly the larger hotels). But understand, with wholesalers you are likely going to have to pay for everything in advance and to them!

For details of why direct reservations (such as we offer) are better then wholesaler / travel agent reservations, please see Direct Reservations.

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