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Thailand Hotels & Villas Ranking / Just Back Reports

We let you let others know which are the best hotels & villas in Thailand.

Our Thai hotel & villa ranking / rating and just back report system / service allows people who make direct contact (even when they have already booked elsewhere) and / or enquiries with the hotels and villas on this site to grade them out of 10 and leave reports after they have checked out. The cumulative ranking for each Thailand hotel / villa is then shown on both the area directory pages (you can list hotels / villas alphabetically, by price or by guest ranking), and the hotel / villa page itself. Also on the Thailand hotel / villa page is a link to view any Just Back reports left by other guests for that hotel or villa.

The way this works is this:
1) When you make a direct enquiry or contact with a hotel / villa on this site using the forms provided, you are asked your actual or expected check in and check out dates by our system.
2) Immediately after your specified check out date, you are sent an email asking to confirm if you stayed at that hotel / villa or not, together with a special one-off / individual link that you can click and which allows you to rank the accommodations, etc out of ten and leave a just back report about the hotel / villa for others to read.
3) People that made multiple enquiries with different hotels / villas for the same check out date will be asked to select which one they actually stayed at first.
4) If someone ranks the hotel / villa below a certain level, our system will contact the hotel / villa to confirm they stayed at the hotel / villa. If they say not, we will then ask for verification of that person's stay and will remove their ranking / comments if they can not (to stop malicious reporting).
5) If we catch a hotel / villa artificially inflating their own ranking, etc. we will permanently give them a ranking of just 1 out of ten (so they will always appear last or near last in the rankings).

To be able to rank / rate a hotel or villa, please use the enquiry form provided on the specific Thailand hotel's / villa's page.
Please note: Wholesale only hotels and villas are shown in (parenthesis) and can not be ranked on our site.

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