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Our Terms & Conditions

At last, a Thai hotels / villas site with only 2 terms & conditions!

1) The terms and conditions are those offered by the people / businesses whose hotel(s) / villa(s) you contact via our site.

2) We are not responsible nor liable for anything other than knowingly allowing anything untoward to go on by the people and / or companies and / or their sole management companies who have advertised hotels / villas on this site. You therefore must assure yourself as the legitimacy, validity, etc. of what is being offered to you.

It is not possible to ask each hotel and villa to agree to a standard set of guest terms and conditions. They each have their own. Also, as you are enquiring directly with the hotel / villas (or their sole management companies), we really have no control over this anyway. However, most hotels follow certain standard conditions to avoid commercial suicide.

What we generally expect direct reservations from hotels / villas (and point this out to them when they join our site) is:

1) Hotels will not charge you a deposit, villas will (normally 30%).
2) All hotels / villas are properly licensed and pay local taxes.
3) All hotels / villas provide exactly what they say they do.
4) All hotels / villas will have a reasonable cancellation / refund policy (although please make sure you have travel insurance as this is what it is there for).
5) All hotels / villas will allow you to pay the bill (less any deposit) at the end of your stay, when you check out.
6) All hotels / villas will deal with complaints / grievances professionally and not expect people to stay / pay if they have had a serious problem.
7) If a hotel / villa requires your credit card / passport information to secure a reservation, this is kept solely to make sure they are protected in the case of cancellation, etc.

If you book via this site and get any problems with hotels / villas, we will look at it and maybe assist you in hopefully getting a resolution. If we feel a hotel / villa has acted improperly, we may well suspend the ability for other people to enquire with them via our site and put a warning to others on their hotel / villa page.

Thai hotel and villa owners, please visit our How To Join page for your terms and conditions with us, and how to join our direct reservations site.

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