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Thai Hotel / Villa Owners

We attract a lot of customers and charge you just 5% commission!

Please note, 5% commission is for where you add and amend your hotel details on this web site yourself. If you require us to do this for you, we charge 10% commission.

Please see below to understand how our site works and what our terms and conditions are (for you to join this site / add your hotel or villa). As term 9 states, we work on the basis of trust born from mutually beneficial co-operation, and trust villa / hotel owners will recognize this and the need for these terms just in case.

1) Hotels / villas agree to a revolving 12 month non-exclusive agreement with us, That means;
a) If they wish to come off the site at any time, they must provide us with 12 months notice.
b) They may do business with absolutely anyone else - we do not require exclusivity.

2) We charge just 5% on realized reservations that come via our site if the hotel / villa adds and manages their details on our system themselves. If they require us to add / amend hotel / villa information, we charge 10% (this provides for the original hotel / villa listing and up to 4 amendments / changes per 12 month period - work required by the hotel / villa in excess of that is chargeable / by special arrangement only). As it is very simple to add and update hotel / villa information, we encourage accommodation owners to try themselves first (and pay less commission as a result).

3) Hotels / villas must give users of this site the lowest available Internet rates and guarantee;
a) That if a user finds a genuine lower price elsewhere, they will honour that lower rate to the user.
b) They will correct the pricing information on this site immediately to reflect this lower price.
We understand that hotels often give lower rates to wholesalers which end up on the Internet and at a lower price than the Internet price. To this end all hotels and villas give us the right to link to any wholesaler of our choice who is or may be showing lower rates for their hotel / villa. So that users can decide between booking a wholesale or Internet room rate. However, we believe that hotels / villas should prevent wholesale rates appearing on web sites which are lower than the Internet rates for their accommodations.

4) We are a direct reservations site. All enquiries made via this site go directly to the hotel's / villa's designated direct reservations email address. Because we are a direct reservations site, the only people that may add hotels / villas are their own staff, authorized IT agents (web master, etc.) or (in the case of villas if appropriate) sole management company. Whoever adds the hotel / villa must enter the direct reservations email address. No-one is allowed to designate enquiries be sent to a travel agent (licensed or unlicensed) under any circumstances. Small hotels / villas may designate a friend's / staff's email address as long as that person is simply acting for them and not making a commission.

5) You can enter different reservations, marketing and billing email addresses. Enquiries will be sent to the reservations email address for the staff at the hotel / villa to reply to the guest directly. Hotels / villas must not reply to us, although it is OK to copy / cc us replies to guests.

6) Two types of enquiries can be generated from this site to hotels / villas;
a) New enquiries from people without existing reservations.
b) Enquiries / contact requests from people who have already enquired / booked elsewhere.
We do not charge anything nor require / want commission for the second enquiry type. We provide this facility simply as a service to the hotel / villa and to their guests / our users.

7) New enquiries which go to the hotels / villas from this site are logged in our guest stay database. Of course not all of these enquiries materialize into actual guest stays. But any that do we will be due a 5% or 10% commission on any realized reservations. On the 8th of each month following when a new enquiries (ones that made their initial enquiry via this site) specified a check out date in the month before, we send out a statement of new enquiries / possible stays to the hotels and villas (to their designated billing email address) for them to check. Hotels and villa must reply within 14 days with any corrections, otherwise we have the right to assume the statement is correct and respective commission payable. The hotel / villa should send back their response with a due commission calculation. If they do not, the previous months list will be repeated / added to the next monthly statement. Hotels / villas who owe us less then US$50 can wait until the cumulative total exceeds this amount in future months, but must still advise us of the commission calculation. Commission payments can be paid directly to our company account in the UK (the hotel / villa being liable for any and all transfer charges), or to our collection agent's local Thai bank account (statements provided details of both).

8) Our web site allows and actually prompts people that made enquiries / contact with the hotels / villas if they stayed or not (directly after their stated check out date). If they did, we invite them to rate / rank the hotel / villa out of ten and to leave a textural report for other users of this web site to see / benefit from. This web site allows users to view area lists of hotels and villas sorted alphabetically, by (from) price and / or by ranking. When a user ranks / rates a hotel below a certain level (we do not disclose this), we automatically email the hotel / villa at their designated marketing email address to allow them to deny that the guest stayed (so as to prevent malicious users filing false ratings / reports). If there is no response from the hotel / villa within 7 days, the user is presumed to have been a guest and the ranking / rating and any associated report they leave remains. If the hotel / villa dispute the user stayed with them, the user is contacted and is given 7 days to provide proof that they did stay or their input is removed.

9) We work on the basis of trust born from mutually beneficial co-operation with the hotels / villas. We trust hotels / villas to list their accommodations accurately and honestly, we trust them to operate ethically and considerately towards guests, we trust them to check for any due commissions diligently and truthfully. As we provide direct access to the hotel / villa to the guest, we do not appreciate hotels / villas who subsequently try and make out that the guest came directly to them (enquiries made via this site are clearly marked thus). We provide statements which show when users enquired through our site; if the hotel / villa can not prove that person enquired directly with them / another first, we expect them to honour our commission claim. Any hotel or villa that we believe and can show evidence has breached this basis of trust, we will immediately suspend from our site. Suspension means that enquiries will no longer be able to be made with that hotel / villa by users of this site and the hotel / villa will be assigned a hidden average ranking of 1 to prevent them appearing high on our directory listings. Such suspensions will also be applied to hotels / villas that try to cancel our mutual agreement early. If a hotel / villa is suspended and wishes to be removed from our site / cancel their contract with us, they must first fairly and amicably resolve the problem that caused suspension in the first place, and then either honour the cancellation period or offer mutually acceptable compensation for early termination. Hotels / villas under suspension are not able to serve cancellation notices (until and if the suspension is resolved).

10) We reserve the right to cross or otherwise link with other travel related sites we deem appropriate.

11) Interpretation of breaches of this agreement are solely with this web site's owners, although we would agree to a proper (must be specialist and jurisdictional) arbitration service provided by the hotel / villa.

12) This agreement shall be bound by the laws of England, and jurisdiction shall rest in England.

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